Avoiding Bounce House Mishaps

bounce-house-400-05289821d-200x300Summer brings a number of reasons for family and friend outdoor get-togethers: graduations, birthdays, holiday celebrations, family reunions. If you’re plans include renting a bounce house to entertain the kids – both the little ones and the older ones – be aware of the potential dangers these structures present and how to avoid injuries to your guests.

News reports earlier this month disclosed that five students suffered injuries when a bounce house featured at a high school event was lifted 20 feet in the air by a strong gust of wind. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated incident. There have been a number of injuries reported in recent years from bounce house accidents in which high winds caused the houses to become untethered and blow away. For tips on how to avoid this from happening at your next outdoor celebration, read “Bounce house flies away . . .

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