The Risky Side of Internet Challenges

internet-challenge-400-05697175d-300x200There are all kinds of internet challenges out there these days – many are fun, silly activities meant to promote laughter; some are designed to raise awareness of, and/or funds for, a good cause; and yet others are mean-spirited and dangerous. With remote learning and stay-at-home orders currently in effect, our children have even greater opportunities now to spend more time online, increasing their exposure to questionable content. Parents today have even more cause to be diligent in protecting their children from dangers and injuries associated with their online activities.

One internet challenge that has been making the rounds in recent months is the “skull-breaker challenge,” so named because of the potential injuries that can be suffered by the challenge’s unwitting victims. To learn more about this challenge and how to protect your children from potential injuries, read “SuperParenting: The Skull Breaker Challenge, Explained.”

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