An Ounce of Prevention to Protect Against Winter Sports Injuries

winter-sports-injuries-400-05046539d-300x199Winter is just around the corner. For some people that means dusting off the skis or snowboards and dragging out the sleds; and then there are others who can only hope they make it through the season without slipping and falling in the snow and ice. Whichever camp you fall into, the main objective is to keep yourself and your children safe.

Just being outside in the cold for long periods can be hazardous unless you take the necessary precautions — wearing appropriate clothing, warming up cold muscles before exercise, and not pushing yourself when tired are just a few examples. There are further measures you can take to prevent injuries depending on the specific activity you engage in. To learn about the most common injuries associated with various winter sports, and for tips on how to prevent them, read “Common Winter Sports Injuries.”

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