Despite Signed Waiver, Appellate Court Says Lawsuit against Trampoline Park May Proceed

trampoline-park-400-07275180dA New Jersey appellate court recently ruled that a lawsuit brought against Sky Zone Trampoline Park by a family whose son was injured while engaged in an activity at the park can proceed despite the fact that the family had signed a waiver prior to the start of the activity.

Waivers of this type are common with commercially-run activities that are subject to potential injury. These waivers seek to preclude participants from holding the operating company responsible for any injuries incurred in the normal course of the activity in question.

When this particular case first went to trial, the trial court ruled that the dispute had to be brought to arbitration as stated in the waiver. The appellate court, however, ruled that the arbitration clause was unclear, thus paving the way for the case to be brought to trial. To learn more, read “Family can sue trampoline park for son’s injury, court says.”

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