What Really Distracts Our Teens behind the Wheel?

teenage-drivers-400-05083542dFor most people, Memorial Day marks the start of the carefree days of summer; for teen drivers, however, the 100 days following this holiday are considered the deadliest.

Once school lets out, most teens are focused on having a good time with friends. Often these good times entail travelling – to friends’ houses, the beach, a pool, or a nearby amusement park. Curfews are often extended, meaning these teens are out and about till later hours. Add all this to inexperience behind the wheel and the number of distractions teens face today and you have a recipe for potential disaster.

As a parent, you may be surprised to learn what is considered the biggest distraction for teen drivers today. Read “Summer Days Are Deadliest for Teen Drivers & Texting Isn’t the Reason;” it can give you some information to help your teen have a fun and safe summer on the road.


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