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Backyard gas grills with food and smoke; grilling mistakes that can lead to serious injury.The unofficial start of summer is just around the corner and for many of us that means it’s time to fire up the backyard grill. Moving the cooking outdoors gives us more time to enjoy these longer days with family and friends, but these friendly gatherings can quickly turn tragic if you fail to use caution.

There are several common mistakes people make – from the way they start their grills to the way they clean them – that can easily result in property damage and/or bodily injury. To avoid turning your next backyard barbeque into a hospital trip, read “Grilling Mistakes Some in NJ Make That May Cause Explosion.”

EV fires becoming more common, posing risk of injuries from burns, electric shock and toxic fumes.Electronic vehicles (EVs) are quickly growing in popularity. Although they are said to be more environmentally friendly than their gas-powered counterparts, these vehicles are not without risks of their own.

Recent reports state that EV fires are becoming more commonplace and are extremely dangerous, posing risk of injuries not only from burns, but also from electric shock and toxic fumes. Why are these fires more difficult to battle than ordinary car fires? Read “Dangerous EV Fires Becoming More Common in New Jersey” to find out.

Holiday-Fire-Prevention-PI-Blog-Photos-7-300x200This time of year the flickering glow of candles, the bright lights decorating our homes and holiday trees all add to the festive nature of the holidays, but they also pose a high risk for house fires. The National Fire Protection Association has reported that most December house fires can be attributed to candles, which are used in the celebration of many holidays that fall this time of year. Christmas trees are another major contributing factor. These fires can be devastating, leading to property loss, and putting you, your family, your neighbors, and emergency responders at risk for injury.

To keep your holiday celebrations from going up in smoke, it is important to take some extra care to make sure your decorations are safe, and your fire and smoke detectors are in working order. The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety issued a few tips—many of which are common sense but worth revisiting—to help you reduce your risk of holiday fires. For more information read “Follow These Tips to Prevent Holiday Fires, NJ Expert Says.”

Thanksgiving-400-04479479d-e1542302027664Thanksgiving is a special time for many of us. It kicks off the holiday season, but it doesn’t hold the same pressures a lot of us feel at Christmas and New Year’s. It is simply a time to get together with family and friends, watch a parade and some football, eat, and pause to reflect on those things for which we are grateful.

Did you know, though, that on average there are more home fires resulting from cooking on Thanksgiving than any other day? It could be because so many people are in the kitchen trying new recipes; or because there is so much activity going on that even those who cook all the time are easily distracted. Whatever the cause, this year keep your home safe and your family free from injury by keeping some basic fire safety tips in mind as you prepare your holiday meal.

For a review of some tips that can help keep you safe, read the National Fire Protection Association’s article on “Thanksgiving safety.”

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