Parents Urged to Anchor Heavy Furniture to Prevent Injury to Children

furniture-dangers-400-04357367dIkea, the giant Swedish furniture company, joined the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) in warning parents of the need to anchor heavy furniture to the walls in order to prevent the furniture from accidentally tipping over and causing injuries, particularly to young children. The CPSC contends that such accidents can be prevented by simply anchoring the furniture to a wall.

Last year, two toddlers in the U.S. reportedly died in separate incidents involving chests of drawers sold by Ikea. In response, the furniture company joined the CPSC in its warning to parents and offered free wall-anchoring kits to consumers who purchased the MALM chests from its stores. For details, the story, “Ikea urges anchoring its dressers and drawers to the wall to protect children.”

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